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CIGRE 2016:  August 22-26 | Paris, France
ARA 2016:  October 3-6 | Toledo, Spain
EML 2016:  October 24-28 | Wuhan, China


Automated Control for High Power Testing

Automated Control for High Power TestingHigh-speed systems of AMOtronics now also take over the control of test facilities in extensive measuring networks. SATURN Transient Recorders with built-in Sequencer / Timer, enable the automation of high power tests in four new test cells of the governmental Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, KERI.


Safety Measurements in Power Systems in Railway Applications

Transient Recorders for Safety Measurements in Railway ApplicationsThe Transient Recorders and Measurement Satellites from AMOtronics offer a proven solution for complex measurement tasks in distributed power systems having differing reference voltage potential. The technique is used during e.g. homologation testing of railway vehicles. The goal: Find frequencies in the vehicle’s return current that can disrupt train detection systems by signal interferences or overlays.


AMOtronics Receives Major Order from KERI

Major order from KERIThe governmental Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, KERI, in the expansion and modernization of its research laboratories decides on fast measurement technology from Aachen. The contract for AMOtronics with a value of over 1.5 million Euros is the world's largest, ever order awarded to measuring systems in high power laboratories.


A versatile Cube - The New SATURN Transient Recorder

SATURN Cube - Versatile transient recorder for both mobile and laboratory useThe SATURN Transient Recorder Series by AMOtronics is a praxis-proven robust data acquisition system for measurements with a few kilohertz up to gigahertz. The newest model SATURN Cube fits in between the compact FlatSaturn and the large 19" housings. Its small dimensions allow laboratory use as well as mobile applications with high channel count.


SATURN Sequencer - 10ns Step Width for Precise Test Control

SATURN Sequencer - Programmable digital controller with 10ns step width for fast and precise test and measurement controlDuring measurements in testing laboratories often the test facility, the unit under test or both must be controlled in a specific timed sequence. This task can be solved easily with the SATURN Sequencer from AMOtronics. Its programmable digital controller with 10ns clock allows precise and synchronous control of switches, contactors, relays, IGBTs, MOSFETs etc. - either via electrical or optical outputs.


Support for Graphene Research at University of Siegen

AMOtronics Sponsors Graphene Research at University of SiegenGraphene is a promissing material for a new generation of electronic and electro-mechanical devices. In order to support the further research of the properties of graphene and its practical use in electronic components AMOtronics has granted a donation to the University of Siegen.


IGBTs / HGÜ / HVDC - New Challenges for Test Engineers

SATURN HV probe with data transmission via fiber optic cableThe continuous growth of renewable energy use presents numerous challenges for the energy sector. High Voltage Direct Current Transmission is one of the key technologies that will need to be used to restructure the current power networks. In order to evolve this young technology to its full potential, tailored hardware and software for high power applications is required.


Small But Powerful - Portable SATURN Transient Recorders

Small but powerful - Portable SATURN Transient RecorderThe SATURN Transient Recorders by AMOtronics enable highly accurate measurements in the range from a few kHz up to several GHz. In addition to the desktop and rack-mount housings, the new FlatSaturn equipped with battery packs also offers a compact solution for mobile applications.