Custom Engineering

With extensive knowledge and many years of practical experience AMOtronics is your partner for the development and integration of specific solutions for data acquisition, control, analysis and reporting.

Our SATURN family of products consisting of transient recorders, fiber-optic-connected measurement probes and sequencers (timers) serves a wide range of different applications. During development we place great emphasis in ensuring that both, our software and hardware is extendable and can be adapted to the requirements of our customers.

On the software side, this allows individual solutions with application-specific workflows and user interfaces up to real-time data processing by implementing custom algorithms in the onboard FPGA processors of our boards. If needed hardware and software from other providers can be integrated as well in flexible ways.

On the hardware side, we offer comprehensive adaptations and extensions if needed, like replacing connectors, providing power supply for external components or extending input ranges, sampling rates and resolution, to name just a few examples.

In addition to adaptations of our standard product lines AMOtronics also developes and manufactures individual solutions on demand - from design, assembly and verification of circuit boards to special electronic devices for data acquisition, monitoring and control.

Custom metrology solutionsDo not hesitate and get in contact. Our highly motivated team of hardware and software developers is looking forward to your measurement task. If there is a solution for it - we will search for it and find it.