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AMOtronics - Your Specialist for Demanding Measurement and Control Solutions

AMOtronics is your reliable partner for high-end measurement technology, control systems and related services. Our test and analysis solutions are used worldwide in a large variety of research and industrial projects - in the energy sector as well as in aerospace, automotive and defense.

The SATURN Transient Recorder Series offers the platform for modular measuring systems with increased demands on precision, speed and safety. Our hardware and software solutions are optimized for fast signals, large amounts of data, high voltages and high currents, bridging long distances and shielding against strong electromagnetic fields and other disturbances.

The SATURN Sequencer / Timer serves testing laboratories as a central digital control unit. It allows precise and reliable control of test facilities and/or units under test in real-time. The inputs and outputs can be provided as electrical or fiber-optic connectors. The SATURN Sequencer is available as a stand-alone device or integrated into a SATURN Transient Recorder System.

Our test and measurement software SATURN Studio II has been developed based on years of customer feedback. The comfortable user interface simplifies Your daily work - even with extensive amounts of measurement data. The ability to automate repetitive measurement, analysis and reporting tasks allows You to save considerable effort and time.

Based on our standard hardware and software we also deliver turnkey systems with user interfaces and operating processes tailored to Your requirements. Our team of experienced engineers offers contract research and development for individual adaptations as well as highly specialized solutions.

Get in touch! We are looking forward to find an optimal solution for Your demands.


International Trade Shows, Conferences and Workshops

Tradeshows and ConferencesTake advantage of the opportunity to meet our experts at international trade shows, congresses and workshops!

ARA 2024 | August 11 - 16 | Bryan, Texas, US
CIGRE 2024 | August 25 - 30 | Paris, France


Automatic Emergency Shutdown for Power Test Labs

Monitoring and emergency shut down control unit for high power and high voltage testsThe AMOtronics Emergency Shutdown Controller is the first active monitoring system specifically designed for high-voltage and high-current test labs - it monitors in real time and reacts immediately in the event of a fault.


Measurement Technology for Switching & Lightning Impulses

Universal Measuring Systems for Switching and Lightning Impulse TestingMeasuring systems for Switching and Lightning Impulse Tests from AMOtronics combine high-speed transient recorders and convenient analysis software into an economical and flexible solution for industry and research. In addition to automated standard-compliant test reports, users can also access measurement and analysis data for further investigations.


Automated Control for High Power Testing

Automated Control for High Power TestingHigh-speed systems of AMOtronics now also take over the control of test facilities in extensive measuring networks. SATURN Transient Recorders with built-in Sequencer / Timer, enable the automation of high power tests in four new test cells of the governmental Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, KERI.