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Measurement & Control Products

AMOtronics develops and distributes measurement and control technology for demanding applications in research and industrial projects (fundamental research, product testing, product verification etc.).

Our product offering consists of transient recorders, fiber-optic-connected measurement probes, sequencers (timers) and correponding software. Our products are based on a modular and expandable platform which allows a wide range of applications with increased demands on precision, speed and synchronicity.

Furthermore our integrated solutions for high-speed data acquisition and control via fiber-optic connections makes our products a perfect fit for medium and high voltage testing as well as applications which require perfectly synchronized distributed measurement and control (bridging of large distances).

Transient Recorders
The SATURN Transient Recorder Series is optimized for fast signals, large amounts of data, high voltages and high currents, bridging long distances and shielding against strong electromagnetic fields and other disturbances.

Sequencers / Timers
The SATURN Sequencer / Timer Series serves testing laboratories as central digital control units. They allow precise and reliable control of test facilities and/or units under test in real-time. They offer a high precision clock for 10ns step width but also allow synchronization with external reference signals (e. g. a generator frequency).

Our test and measurement software SATURN Studio II offers a comfortable user interface and simplifies Your daily work with numerous ready-to-use analysis functions as well as a scripting interface for automating repetitive tasks.

AIXscan is an integrated measurement and control solution for analysing ultra-fast signals by means of Terahertz Spectroscopy (THz measurements).

In this category you will find frequently asked-for accessories, which you can obtain directly from AMOtronics.