Solutions and Application Areas

The standard metrology products and custom solutions of AMOtronics are used worldwide in a variety of research and industry areas. They are in demand especially for advanced requirements on measurement hardware and software, such as high sampling rates, large amounts of data, many signals, high electrical voltages, currents and magnetism, or other disturbances.

Below you will find a small selection of typical, but not exclusive applications. In addition AMOtronics designs and manufactures individual specialized solutions.

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Medium & High Voltage / High Current / High Power

High PowerMeasurements at high voltage, high current, or both, impose special demands on metrology equipment and software. Measuring systems designed by AMOtronics provide highly sophisticated and reliable solutions for high power and high voltage tests, pulsed power measurements as well as for low and medium voltage applications.


Aviation / Space / Military

AerospaceIn studies and tests for aerospace and military often complex processes and relationships are examined, which require a high channel density, high sampling rates and high accuracy. Even higher demands are being placed on the measuring equipment, in case of high electric or magnetic interferences or long distances which need to be bridged. In such applications, the SATURN Transient Recorder of AMOtronics can exploit their full potential.


Automotive / Transport / Energy Producers


Also in the automotive and transportation industry as well as in the energy sector, the SATURN Transient Recorders of AMOtronics have numerous applications. They are primarily in use for fast speed-controlled measurements at rotating machines, for observing fast switching processes and for measuring high voltages and currents.