Support for Graphene Research at University of Siegen

Graphene is seen as a promissing new material for the next generation of electronic and electro-mechanical components. As only one example, graphene could be the perfect replacement for silicon in a new generation of transistors. Its high electrical conductivity would make it possible to overcome the clock rate limitations of traditionally designed transistors. Electronic components based on this new technology are expected to allow a significant performance jump also in the area of high-speed measurement and control.

In order to support further research of the properties of graphene and its practical use in electronic components AMOtronics has granted a donation to the Chair for Graphene-based Nanotechnology at the University of Siegen (see website of the university).


AMOtronics Sponsors Graphene Research
Presentation of the donation in October 2013 in Aachen (from left to right):
Martin Hessing, Director of Sales & Marketing, AMOtronics
Max Lemme, Professor for Graphene-based Nanotechnology, University of Siegen