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AMOtronics Receives Major Order from KERI

Aachen Germany, Changwon South Korea. – The governmental Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, KERI, in the expansion and modernization of its research laboratories decides on fast measurement technology from Aachen. The contract for AMOtronics with a value of over 1.5 million Euros is the world's largest, ever order awarded to measuring systems in high power laboratories.

In the summer of 2015 AMOtronics will supply several 19 inch RackSaturn measurement systems - so called transient recorders - plus accessories and analysis software for the four test cells of the new 4,000 MVA High-Power Labs in Changwon. The Saturn systems will be used to provide high-precision measurements during the development and quality control of high power switches for power grids and facilities.

Hard- and software development in Germany

"A key factor in why we were able to succeed in international competition against the sometimes significantly larger competitors on the technical and economic level is our extremely high manufacturing depth," explains AMOtronics CEO Jürgen Martini regarding the largest order in the company's history.
The complete development and calibration of the Saturn measurement systems is carried out at AMOtronics company location in Aachen. The analysis and reporting software has been developed and programmed in-house at AMOtronics over many years. The software is designed to fully automate the customer’s tests and evaluates large amounts of data in accordance with IEC standards and STL recommendations. For the manufacturing of printed circuit boards, components and modules AMOtronics relies on the quality of German and European production partners.

The order includes six transient recorders with a total of 145 optically coupled floating Satellite channels - transducers that allow up to 100 megahertz sample speed at resolution of 16,000 steps (14bit). In high-voltage tests the Satellites are placed directly in the test cells and transmit data at up to 100 million sample points per second (MSample/s) at high synchronicity. The optical data transfer via fiber optic cables guarantees safe decoupling from the high voltage potentials and large electromagnetic fields for maximum safety of personnel and equipment. To avoid measurement errors resulting from the unavoidable signal delay caused by the limited speed of light, the analysis software determines the signal propagation delay and compensates for them mathematically. So, almost any distance can be bridged without affecting accuracy and synchrony of the the data.

Innovative energy supply convinced

Absolutely unique is the innovative energy supply method for the Satellites which the AMOtronics engineers will supply to KERI. The devices have integrated generators with miniature compressed air turbines, which are driven by the existing compressed air system of the KERI research institutions. So perfect electrical isolation is maintained despite a continuous power supply and the problem of inefficient batteries is solved. The design of the miniature turbines was fully carried out by AMOtronics ensuring the optimal arrangement and shape of the turbine blades for this application, manufacture was then realized using the latest 3D printer technology.


Vertragsunterzeichnung in Changwon
After the contract signing ceremony in Changwon (f. l. t. r.):
Jürgen Martini, AMOtronics CEO
Jong-Hyuk Choi, Planning Manager at KERI for the new high-power lab
Kyoung-Won Min, President of the Korean distributor Kostech