A versatile Cube - The New SATURN Transient Recorder

SATURN Cube - Versatile transient recorder for both mobile and laboratory useThe SATURN Transient Recorder Series by AMOtronics is a praxis-proven robust data acquisition system for measurements ranging from a few kilohertz up to gigahertz. The newest model SATURN Cube fits in between the compact FlatSaturn and the large 19" housings. Its small dimensions allow laboratory use as well as mobile applications with high channel count.

The SATURN Cube Transient Recorder offers space for up to 112 analog input channels with compact SMB connectors. Equipped with common BNC connectors it provides up to 32 channels. The ample transient memory stores the digitized data in real time.

Alternatively, or in parallel, the fiber coupled measurement probes by AMOtronics (SATURN Satellites) can be used. The synchronous recording of electrically isolated channels and channels directly integrated in the main chassis is especially popular for medium and high voltage measurements. The pure optical connection provides safe separation from nearly any high voltage potential. Another use case are distributed measurement applications. Up to 56 independent satellites can be connected to the SATURN Cube in order to bridge distances of several meters up to tens of miles/kilometers while maintaining a perfect synchronisation among all channels.

As usual for SATURN Transient Recorders, the SATURN Cube is equipped with an integrated industrial PC. This allows both, either use it as a stand-alone full-fledged measurement workstation or remotely control it by using the SATURN operating software on a separate notebook or PC.

The operating software Saturn Studio II which ships with the system has been revised and expanded in order to make the interactive use even simpler and more comfortable. The optional Professional version allows users to create their own user interfaces and save valuable time by automating reoccuring tasks from configuration and measurement up to mathematical analysis and report generation.