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Universal Measurement Technology by AMOtronics for Switching and Lightning Impulse Testing (SPT / LPT)

Universal Measuring Systems for Switching and Lightning Impulse TestingMeasuring systems for Switching Impulse Tests (SPT) and Lightning Impulse Tests (LPT) from AMOtronics combine high-speed transient recorders and convenient analysis software into an economical and flexible solution for industry and research. In addition to automated standard-compliant test reports, users can also access measurement data and analysis results for further investigations.

Resistance to overvoltages due to transient events such as a switching or lightning impulse is a crucial criterion for safe operation of transformers, insulators and cables. Therefore the corresponding standards and equipment classes for industrial applications and the use of such components in energy generation and transmission make appropriate switching impulse tests and lightning impulse tests mandatory. With the transient recorders and user-friendly analysis software of the SATURN series, AMOtronics offers a modular measuring system for type, routine and commissioning tests in the voltage range from several kilovolts to over one million volts. Optically isolated digitizers (transducers) connected via fiber-optic cables meet highest safety requirements where necessary.

For impulse testing the SATURN systems are usually equipped with inputs for up to 200 Megahertz measurement rate per channel. They enable test laboratories and manufacturers to perform safe and reliable switching and lightning impulse tests in accordance with past and current standards (IEC 61083-2). At the same time their universality provides highest flexibility for conducting other high voltage and high current tests on transient events in DC and AC applications (pulsed or sinusoidal signals).

Standardized Test Reports and Extended Analysis

The SATURN transient recorders and analysis software meet the test requirements for digital data processing according to IEC 61083 for instruments and software used for measurement in high-voltage and high-current tests. The SATURN systems record all relevant measurement data in automated test series over the entire course of the tests in a simple, fast and highly precise manner. On the basis of this data, individually configurable test reports for full, front shopped and tail shopped lightning impulses or switching impulses are generated automatically.

In addition to the evaluations required by the relevant standards, all raw measurement data, evaluation-specific calculated signals and additional analysis results are available to the user. The SATURN series thus offers a much greater flexibility than conventional dedicated impulse test systems – an important advantage, as for example for the use of these systems in research and development.


Examples for reports automatically generated by the SATURN System
Examples for reports automatically generated by the SATURN System
(also series evaluation and reports available, layouts are customizable and expandable)


Maximum Safety for Personnel and Equipment

For measuring the signals AMOtronics offers both highly shielded as well as completely insulated measuring probes (transducers / digitizers) with fiber-optic data transmission. They enable precise floating measurements, even under extreme electromagnetic interference. At the same time, the safety of the test personnel can be ensured - especially in case of very high currents or voltages.

Economic Modernization of Existing Facilities

In addition to the installation of completely new test facilities, companies and test laboratories can also extend or modernize existing equipment with the SATURN systems – as for example, if the currently used system no longer meets the most recent standards or - a common problem - if the measurement protocols cannot be provided in digital form. SATURN transient recorders with up-to-date analysis software are then an economical solution by using existing components such as capacitors and resistors further for the generation of the surge voltage. Thanks to the modular design, the AMOtronics measuring systems can also be expanded at any time and thus offer a high degree of investment protection and future security.


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