Small But Powerful - Portable SATURN Transient Recorders

SATURN Transient Recorder in portable FlatSaturn housingThe SATURN Transient Recorders by AMOtronics enable highly accurate measurements of electrical signals in the range from a few kHz up to several GHz. Variable input, output and trigger modules are available. A new option are integrated power supplies for connecting active probes like Rogowski coils.

In addition to the desktop and rackmount housings, the new FlatSaturn Transient Recorder also offers a compact portable solution. Equipped with the optional battery packs it is ideally suited for mobile applications.

If required measurements can be performed spanning long distances using so-called SATURN Satellites, which are connected to the SATURN main system via fiber optic cables. This option makes the SATURN Transient Recorder the perfect choice for demanding tasks, such as high-voltage, ballistic and explosion tests.

The SATURN Studio II software has been tailored to the system and provides an easy-to-use environment for configuring the hardware and performing measurements. It also includes streamlined functions for interactive and automated data analysis and reporting. Additional modules provide standardized analysis functions and reports for specific areas like low, medium and high voltage tests or pulsed power applications.

The new SATURN Studio II Professional Edition now enables users to automate recurring tasks themselves. If necessary, users can design their own user interfaces which lead the operator of the measuring system step by step from hardware configuration up to the final report.

With AMOtronics and the SATURN product family customers gain a one-stop-source for field-tested measurement devices, optimized software, individual training and support as well as custom-designed solutions.