SATURN Transient Recorder Housing Options

The SATURN Transient Recorder families allows You to choose the housing which best suits Your individual use case. In case You do not find what You are looking for AMOtronics also offers custom designs on request.


SATURN Flat - Transient RecorderThe FlatSaturn is the smallest SATURN Transient Recorder which can be equipped with up to 3 Carrier Boards. This allows a maximum of 16 (BNC) or 48 (SMB) channels or up to 24 connectors for optically galvanic isolated channels, so called satellites. The small size and rugged design makes it an ideal portable high-speed measurement system.



SATURN Cube - Transient RecorderThe SATURN Cube housing offers 7 slots with space for a maximum of 32 (BNC) or 112 (SMB) channels respectively. This mid-size Transient Recorder serves a wide range of measurement applications. It fits on every laboratory desk and is also suitable for mobile applications which require a larger channel count.



SATURN Desk - Transient RecorderThe SATURN Desk housing offers 15 slots with a maximum capacity of 240 channels. This Transient Recorder is a high-speed data acquisition system for multi-channel applications. It is suitable for stationary use in laboratories as well as for mobile use cases with high channel count.



SATURN Rack - Transient RecorderThe SATURN Rack is a full industrial 19" housing. It provides the optimal solution for rack mounting. Each rack can host up to 240 channels without compromising any specification. Several SATURN Transient Recorders can be coupled and synchronized which makes the rack housing a space saving solution for applications with very high channel count.