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SATURN Studio II Software

The modern software architecture of SATURN Studio II offers a complete operating environment for the SATURN system. It enables easy handling of SATURN systems of any size via drag-and-drop. The administration of data sets of several hundreds of GByte is fast an efficient. The powerful and well documented software interface (API) allows complete remote control of the SATURN transient recorder via Gigabit LAN. Due to the improved network integration, AMOtronics engineers on request can access all worldwide installed systems at high speed for competent online support.

Transient recorder

The SATURN system is perfectly qualified to collect transient signals. Extensive trigger possibilities in combination with a storage capacity up to 1 GByte per channel make even the most challenging measurements possible. The storage can be subdivided into freely definable pre and post trigger areas. Collected signals are displayed directly after the measuring without any time delay. Parameters such as minimum, maximum, etc. are calculated in real-time.

Data trigger

Each data channel provides complex trigger analysis, the configuration per module allows easy set up. If defining a window trigger, upon reaching the upper or lower level boundary the signal either arms the channel or a trigger event is generated directly. This enables the realization of scenarios in which all monitored signals run within defined boundaries. Any irregularity triggers the recording of either all or only selected channels.

Formula editor

Evaluation and analysis of recorded signals often require the use of basic mathematical functions. Depending on the amount of data and on the tool, calculations might take some time. In the brand new SATURN formula editor selected functions or blocks automatically compile in the background in a split second to be optimized and to guarantee minimum calculation time.

Multi Monitor Support

In order to handle larger SATURN systems, it is advisable to use several monitors. To allow this, the SATURN Studio II software is, just like the hardware, of a modular concept. A system status bar, comparable to the Windows task bar, enables you to keep track of up to four displays with 20 windows each. This way, setup and control, measured data and also analysis, all get sufficient space to be displayed.

Optional display and operation using up to 4 monitors

Satellites with optical fibers

The SATURN Studio II software handles the Ultimate 160 Satellites seamlessly, the only difference from other modules being the additional display of remaining running time for the battery-operated satellites. The fully-automatic battery management system reliably informs you of the satellite battery operating state. In case of low batteries, visual and acoustic warning messages inform the user and the SATURN measuring system cannot be activated.

Satellite Control Overview

Fast data display

The completely revised viewer part of SATURN Studio II offers an unprecedented range of possibilities. The powerful data management even allows the display of hours and days of recordings within a split second, without any loss of information. Each signal is displayed with individual scales and base lines. An information block for specific channel data is available for detailed overview. Popular Windows like zoom and pan operations are completed with sensitive auto-arrange functions. Selecting a channel to be displayed via drag-and-drop enables simple access to stored data, acquired signals or to math channels. Analog and digital signals collectively can be displayed synchronously.

Analysis function

The close coupling of powerful data analysis tools allows the user to analyze recorded signals online and to link them to individual reports and calculations. Diagrams, tables, and calculated results can be integrated directly into word processing and spread sheets (e.g. MS Word, MS Excel) by using the popular Windows clipboard or automated macros.

Powerful mathematical functions like FFT, digital filters, smoothing, integration, differentiation or statistical characteristic values etc. are optionally available. Printer optimized screenshots or complete measurement reports can either be printed out directly or saved in HTML or PDF format. Macro and script functions, a fast programming interface and 2D/3D reports further expand the capabilities.

SATURN interface - API

Communication between the SATURN Studio II Software and the SATURN System is realized on a client/server structure. A server works in the background of the measuring system and transparently exchanges data and commands with SATURN Studio V2. The software runs either locally on the SATURN System or connects via network. There is no difference in performance or speed, just perfect integration into established workflows. Simply manage the SATURN system from your desk. Even multiple connections with individually limited functionality are supported. E.g. a SATURN Studio II master sets up the system for acquisition. Multiple SATURN Studio II viewers, running on different PCs on the network, can monitor the display of the acquired data and reports if wanted. The well documented application interface (API) SCI/SDI allows secure access to the SATURN System for your individual applications. It thereby offers perfect integration capabilities, designed to meet any user specification and to embed into grown software structures at your site.

Specific application software

In order to support specific measuring tasks, AMOtronics has developed customized data analysis and complete application specific solutions. Do not hesitate to present your special demands to us. We are happy to offer you a solution that has been customized to exactly meet your needs.

The following modules are currently available:

Circuit Breaker Testing

Automated and interactive analysis routines according to guide lines of the Short-Circuit Testing Liaison (STL) and requirements of the IEC 60060-1 for tests of high current and high voltage switches for different test cases, as for instance No-Load Test, Short Circuit Test, Capacitive Load Test and Synthetic Test.

Lightning & Switching Impulse Testing

Complete analysis package according to IEC 60060 and IEC 61083; automatically measuring parameters like Up, T1 and T2 within seconds. Printed reports are instantly available after the measurement is completed.