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Innovative Measurement & Control Technology at the 71st Aeroballistic Range Association Meeting (ARA 2022)

In cooperation with Dynamit Nobel Defence, AMOtronics organized this year's meeting in Königswinter in Germany.

You can find the official conference website here:

Of course we were also present as a solution provider and research partner. Please find an excerpt of our portfolio for this application area below.


Never miss an impact with AMOtronics in your lab or in the field!

AMOtronics measuring and control systems provide unique support for hypervelocity, ballistic and impact testing. A field-proven, modular hardware platform combined with application-specific software provides optimized solutions for both simple and demanding tests. Specialized functions such as real-time trigger prediction and diagnostic capabilities for trigger foils (make/break screens) enable reliable, reproducible test execution and avoid costly failures.

Real-Time Trigger Prediction System for Light-Gas Guns, Launchers & Firing Ranges

Download AMOtronics Real-Time Trigger Prediction Flyer (PDF)Reliable pre-triggering of high-speed cameras, strobes, X-Ray flashes etc.The AMOtronics Real-Time Trigger Prediction System uses signals from laser barriers, screens, foils, and others to detect multiple positions of a projectile in-flight to calculate its velocity and to predict in real-time the exact moment at which the projectile will reach specific positions along its trajectory. This allows the system to precisely trigger high-speed cameras, Flash X-ray and more – for a reliable recording of flight positions, impact, and other events of interest.

Fragment Test System with Intelligent Diagnostics

Download AMOtronics Fragment Test Flyer (PDF)Fragment Testing using screens with unique diagnosticsBlast research is supported by the digital AMOtronics Fragment Test System. Depending on the configuration level, hundreds of digital I/O channels supply short-circuit foils/screens with power and simultaneously detect any breakdown with precise resolution. Multi-shot make screens with integrated diagnostics to verify proper wiring and condition of the screens provide test engineers with valuable information and save precious time during test preparation and execution.

Modular Expandable Field-Proven Hardware & Software

Download AMOtronics Transient Recorder Brochure (PDF)The above solutions are just two examples of application areas in which AMOtronics measurement and control systems have been proving their worth for many years. They are based on the highly accurate AMOtronics SATURN Series of Transient Recorders, Sequencers (Trigger Generators) and Delay Generators. They are also used in industrial test laboratories and research institutes around the world when high-speed, accuracy and reliability are required.

Our modular designed systems can be equipped with different analog and digital modules for data acquisition and output of control signals, adapted to the respective application. Fiber-optically connected satellite probes and the division into subsystems coupled via a single robust fiber-optic cable enable the bridging of large distances and offer perfect protection in hazardous environments. The hardware can be expanded at a later date – a prerequisite for future-proof investments.

SATURN systems are available with ready-to-use standard software or custom user interfaces tailored to customer specific requirements and preferences. Customers can extend the software via scripts or use the High-Level Ethernet API, which allows controlling the system remotely from other applications or development environments such as Python.

To learn more, visit our booth at the event or get in contact!