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Welcome to the AMOtronics website for "CIGRE 2022 - Technical Exhibition"

As a long-time manufacturer of measurement and control systems for low, medium and high voltage / high power laboratories, AMOtronics was once again an exhibitor at CIGRE 2022. On this website we have compiled information from our portfolio related to the topic of the exhibition.

There is currently a lot of news to report from AMOtronics. In addition to new hardware modules for our measurement and control systems, we would like to draw your attention in particular to the following innovations:

Ultra-Precision High Voltage Divider

BMWi ZIM LogoIn a funded project AMOtronics and the German National Metrology Institute (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt - PTB) have developed an innovative measurement system for HV applications. It is characterized by a particularly high bandwidth, an extremely linear frequency response and exceptionally short settling times (step response <200ns, amplitude error <0.1%). The integrated HV pulse source enables both an automated calibration check as well as an automated adaptation of the calibration to the measurement chain. The novel measurement technology consisting of divider, calibrator and measurement system already fulfills the currently planned increased demands on measurement equipment in future editions of the standards IEC 60060 and 61083. The developed solution enables high-precision tests on one hand, but also serves as a reference system for test laboratories to develop missing standards and norms. Due to its compact design, the HV divider is ideally suited for demanding measurements up to 2kV.

New Lightning and Switching Pulse Test Software Suite

SATURN LPT SPT Studio - Configuration dialogThe "LPT & SPT Analysis - Suite" from AMOtronics has been enabling fully automated standard-compliant analyses and reports for lightning and switching pulse tests for many years. Now "LPT & SPT - Studio" has been added, a streamlined user interface for simplified configuration from the test engineer's point of view. It offers optimal support for automated series tests including evaluation and report generation - with just a few mouse clicks.

Navigate in Test Results via a Programmable Operating Panel

Saturn Studio II optionally usable via Loupedeck (external operating panel)In addition to the familiar mouse and keyboard operation, users of AMOtronics software now have the option of using an additional external hardware control panel ("Loupedeck"). Real buttons and rotary knobs allow the user to start measurements, release a trigger and to perform common display functions in curve windows, such as zooming, panning and precise cursor measurements. This new control option provides perfect haptic, oscilloscope-like operation if desired. Numerous functions can also be adapted to individual preferences.

Further Developments in the Field of Protective Equipment for Test Laboratories

The "Emergency Shutdown Controller (ESC)" monitors laboratory tests with AC or DC in real-time. If it detects that a measurement signal exceeds a configured threshold value, which depends on the current test phase, it initiates an emergency shutdown and other protective measures via its outputs within less than 1 μs. The ESC has been expanded with additional options that allow it to be integrated into a wide range of laboratory environments.

Please also take a look at our updated product brochures and flyers, available for download below.

If you have questions or want to know more details, send us an email or give us a call!

Your team of AMOtronics


Transient Recorder

Download AMOtronics Transient Recorder Brochure (PDF)The "SATURN Transient Recorder Series" provides modular expandable measurement systems for various requirements:

  • up to 240 channels depending on the selected housing (portable, desk, 19" rack-mountable)
  • analog inputs (200kS/s...1GS/s), optionally fiber-coupled measurement probes (FO)
  • analog outputs, digital I/O, controller, incremental encoder, signal conditioning
  • comfortable user software with extension packages (e.g. for Circuit Breaker Testing, Switching & Lightning Impulse Tests according to standard IEC 60060-1, IEC 60060-2 , IEC 61083 - 1 , IEC 61083-2 , STL / Short-Circuit-Testing-Liaison , ...)
  • Programming Interface (development of scripts and user interfaces for application-specific solutions)


Sequencer / Cycle Timer (Trigger Generator)

Download AMOtronics Sequencer Cycle Timer Brochure (PDF)The "SATURN Sequencer / Cycle Timer" is a programmable digital control unit. It enables test laboratories to perform high-precision real-time control of test equipment and/or DUTs (devices under test):

  • up to 192 inputs/outputs, electrical and/or fiber-optic (FO)
  • 10ns step size, 20ppm accuracy
  • resolution of 1/100 degree or synchronization with external pilot reference signals
    (e.g. main grid or generator frequency 16 2/3Hz .. 50/60Hz .. 400Hz ..)
  • operating system independent program execution on real-time processor


Arbitrary Delay Generator

Download AMOtronics Arbitrary Delay Generator Brochure (PDF)The "Arbitrary Delay Generator" serves test laboratories as an easy-to-use digital multi-trigger delay generator. It provides time-accurate digital triggers based on externally connected input signals:

  • 1 analog input
  • up to 9 digital inputs and up to 32 digital outputs, electrical and/or fiber optical (FO)
  • freely configurable 1:1 or 1:n mapping of inputs and outputs
  • 1ns delay resolution
  • operating system independent program execution on real-time processor


Emergency Shutdown Controller

Download AMOtronics Emergency Shutdown Controller Broschüre (PDF)The "Emergency Shutdown Controller (ESC)" is a real-time protection system. During a test, it monitors various permissible levels of the measured signals depending on the test phase. If it is exceeded, it immediately triggers an emergency procedure via its digital outputs. Thereby it offers a high level of safety and the best possible protection for expensive equipment:

  • available as stand-alone device or integrated in SATURN Transient Recorders
  • optionally electrical and/or fiber-optic trigger outputs (FO)
  • flexible programmable emergency shutdown sequence
  • <1us response time
  • operating system independent program execution on real-time processor



Lightning and Switching Impulse - Software Suite

Download AMOtronics Lightning and Switching Pulse Test Flyer (PDF)The "LPT / SPT Software Suite" is specifically tailored for the use of SATURN Transient Recorders for Lightning and Switching Pulse Tests:

  • customized user interface from the test engineer's point of view
  • easy configuration of serial tests
  • automated analysis and reporting
  • complies with standards IEC 61083, IEC 60060-1 and IEC 60060-2


Air Power Generator

Download AMOtronics Air Power Supply Flyer (PDF)The "Air Power Generator" enables power supply for AMOtronics fiber-isolated probes, sensors, pre-amplifiers and other electrical components via compressed air. This provides a galvanically isolated power supply without time-consuming checking and replacing/recharging of batteries:

  • perfect galvanic isolation
  • automatic activation via compressed air
  • output power up to 10W (peak 24W)
  • different configurations (5VDC 4A, 12VDC 2A , 24VDC 1A)
  • integrated backup battery for bridging compressed air fluctuations and failures