Medium & High Voltage / High Current / High Power

Environmental conditions with high voltages, high currents or both require special precautions for humans as well as electronical devices. The fiber-optic-based measurement probes for SATURN Transient Recorders provide a field-tested reliable solution for measurement tasks in these areas.

The SATURN STUDIO II software offers ready-to-use data analysis and report generation packages for applications in the low voltage, medium voltage, high voltage and high power range (IEC 60060-1, IEC 60060-2, IEC 61083-1, IEC 61083-2, STL / Short-Circuit-Testing-Liaison etc.).

In addition the SATURN Sequencer serves test labs as a reliable control unit. It allows a safe and precisely timed monitoring and control of testing facilities and devices under test.

High voltage

Example applications:

  • Circuit Breaker Testing incl. automated data analysis and report generation (Short Circuit Testing)
  • TRV test and analysis (Transient Recovery Voltage)
  • TOV test and analysis (Transient Overvoltage)
  • Switchgear / Fuse testing
  • Lightning Impulse Testing (LPT) / Switching Pulse Testing (SPT) / Impuls Current Testing (ICT) with automated data analysis and reports incl. k-factor
  • High Voltage Direct Current testing (HVDC)
  • IGBT / MOSFET testing
  • Pulsed Power testing
  • Power harmonic analysis
  • Powerline faults and transients
  • Low voltage tests
  • Calibration