Automotive / Transport / Energy Producers

In automotive, transportation or energy applications the SATURN Transient Recorders are especially useful for very fast speed-controlled analysis of engines and turbines. Another typical use case are observations of fast electrical switching processes.

The shielded fiber-optic probes of AMOtronics are especially useful for applications with high voltages and high currents, e.g. for testing new energy storage devices and generators for electric vehicles.

For all of these applications the SATURN Studio II software allows it to automate repetitive tasks and to customize the user interface according to the needs and working steps of the end user.

Both hardware and software are developed entirely by AMOtronics. This allows very specific adaptations up to complete custom engineered solutions.


Example applications:

  • Engine and turbine analysis (speed-controlled / angle synchronous)
  • Electromobility (fuel cell testing)
  • Failure analysis in car electronics
  • Tests of air bag igniters, braking systems and fuel injection systems
  • Large scale strain gauge recording
  • Tests at energy generators (wind and water turbines, solar cells, etc.)