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SATURN Delay Generator

The SATURN Arbitrary Delay Generator (ADG) serves test laboratories and research facilities as an easy-to-use multi-trigger delay generator. It provides accurately timed digital switching signals in precise response to connected analog or digital input signals.

Each input signal can be assigned to several outputs (1:n assignment) and each output can be individually adjusted with regard to delay and pulse length in the ns time range.


SATURN Arbitrary Delay Generator - Examples of differently configured output signals

Examples of differently configured output signals (red)
in response to digital and analog input signals (gray)

The SATURN Delay Generator is based on the modular expandable SATURN hardware platform. A real-time controller, combined with an integrated high-precision clock, ensures precisely timed reactions. In its basic configuration, the system offers one analog input, one digital input and 8 digital outputs. The system can be expanded to a total of up to 10 inputs and 32 outputs. For the input and output panels various types of connectors are available, such as BNC, optical fiber (POF/Versatile Link, ST) and relay / HV MOSFET.

The solution with optical fibers provides perfect isolation against high voltages and potentials, but also allows bridging long distances while protecting against electro-magnetic interferences.

The graphical user interface of the operating software reflects the available hardware inputs and outputs and makes it very easy for the user to define the desired dependencies between inputs and outputs, to save and load configurations and to start and stop the hardware.


SATURN Arbitrary Delay Generator - Flexibly configurable trigger unit

The combination of powerful, modular hardware and flexibly configurable software makes the SATURN Delay Generator the ideal trigger unit for tests and experiments with high demands on precision, reliability and safety.

Instead of using the system as a stand-alone trigger device it can also be combined in one chassis with a SATURN Transient Recorder. This creates a flexible measuring and control system which allows it to record and store the trigger signals in parallel to measurement signals - without the need for additional measurement channels.

Key Facts of the SATURN Arbitrary Delay Generator

Hardware & Software

  • Real-time controller with precise integrated hardware clock (calibrated to GPS clock)
  • Specifically developed MIMD processor for true parallel processing of multiple actions and reactions
  • Easy-to-use graphical configuration software (Windows™ based)
  • Flexible input-output signal mapping: 1:1 and 1:n
  • Various output options: Signal shift, trigger delay, pulse extension, etc. (response to either rising or falling edge, or both, with configurable output pulse width)
  • Minimum delay time 87ns at 1ns resolution (digital input) up to a maximum of several hours
  • Minimum output pulse width 8ns at 4ns resolution up to a maximum of several hours
  • Parallel processing of multiple triggers per channel (FIFO for 1000 unprocessed triggers)
  • Status monitoring LEDs for trigger inputs and outputs
  • SECURITY LOOP INPUT for extended safety (software configurable)
  • Available stand-alone or integrated with SATURN Transient Recorder (DAS)


  • Basic configuration with 2 inputs:
    • 1 DIGITAL INPUT at Delay Generator main unit with BNC connector: TTL, 5V
    • 1 ANALOG INPUT at Delay Generator main unit with BNC connector and 6 input ranges selectable via software: ± 1V, ± 2V, ± 5V, ± 10V, ± 20V, ± 50V
  • Expandable with a digital input panel with 8 additional digital inputs:
    • 8x BNC 5V TTL, 24V, 48V
    • 8x FIBER OPTIC ST (820nm)
    • 8x FIBER OPTIC POF / Versatile Link (660nm)


  • Basic configuration with 8 digital outputs
  • Expandable up to 32 digital outputs
  • Different types of output panels can be combined in one system:
    • 8x BNC 3.3V / 5V TTL
    • 8x 5V DRIVER BNC
    • 8x 12V DRIVER BNC
    • 8x 24V DRIVER BNC
    • 8x RELAY ON/OFF
    • 8x RELAY ON/TRI/ON
    • 8x FIBER OPTIC ST (820nm)
    • 8x FIBER OPTIC POF / Versatile Link (660nm)

Additional components (optional)

  • Converter box for TTL-BNC to fiber optics (ST/POF/Versatile Link)
  • Converter box for fiber optics (ST/POF/Versatile Link) to TTL-BNC
  • Converter box for fiber optics (ST/POF/Versatile Link) to IGBT/MOSFET/RELAY
  • Semiconductor relay (MOSFET/IGBT) with fiber optic connector (ST or POF/Versatile Link) for DC and AC switching
  • External Emergency-Push-Button (optional with lock and release function)


Tip: With its flexible configuration options, the SATURN Arbitrary Delay Generator covers a wide range of different trigger applications. For even higher requirements AMOtronics offers alternatively the SATURN Sequencer - Pattern Generator and Cycle Timer.


Download the product brochure (PDF)