Aviation / Space / Military

The aim of measurements in aerospace and military is often to examine complex processes and relationships. Such tests usually require a high channel count and/or a high sampling rate combined with high accuracy. The SATURN Transient Recorders are designed specifically for such demanding applications.

If there are additional requirements on the measurement technology, such as protection against high electrical or magnetic interference, the fiber-optic-based probes of AMOtronics provide an optimal solution. Another purpose of these satellites is to bridge large geographic distances of a few meters to several kilometers using fiber optic transmission lines between the base unit and the places where the measuring signals are generated. Typical examples are explosion tests and multi-channel-tests in avionics, which span large geographic territories.

The SATURN STUDIO II software, which ships with the complete system, makes it very easy to remotely configure the hardware, perform the tests and store the data. In addition the software offers numerous functions for data analysis and evaluation up to automated report generation for standard measurements as for instance EML tests (Electromagnetic Launchers).


Example applications:

  • Ballistic and pyrotechnic research
  • Explosion tests
  • Pulsed Power applications, e.g. tests of
    Electromagnetic Launchers (EML)
  • Hypersonic wind channel test
  • Turbo machine tests
  • Propulsion systems
  • Satellite testing
  • Vibration and modal analysis
  • Material research