SATURN Modules

Saturn BoardEach SATURN Transient Recorder chassis can hold several SATURN Module Carrier Boards. The Saturn Module Carrier Boards are designed in 6U cPCI format, equipped with reconfigurable logic and a large data memory. Each board can carry two different modules, either Basic 120, Fast 150, Event Marker or Analog Output. All the functions can be realised also in a galvanic isolation version via a digital fiber transmission module and battery powered "satellite" housings for the modules.

Optional: Galvanic Isolation for measurements in the case of floating potential can be realised safely with SATURN Fiber-Optic-Satellites, available for Basic 120, Fast 150, Event Marker, Analog Output. A digital transmission module connecting a data management board with a battery power "satellite" housing realises the galvanic isolation and bridge over of km long distances. Perfectly synchronised acquisition is guaranteed even in the case of mixed fiber lengths and in combination with normal modules. The intelligent control of the battery "power packs" ensures maximum operation time and permanent control.

SATURN Modul Series Basic 120

The Basic 120 series offers 8 single-ended input channels per module with maximum acquisition rates ranging from 200kS/s to 3MS/s and resolutions between 16 bit and 20 bit. By using 2 modules in one carrier board it is possible to provide 16 channels per slot in a very space saving way. In addition there is also a 4 channel module available which offers either 1GS/s per channel (in 4 channel mode) or 2GS/s per channel (in 2 channel mode) with a resolution of 10 bit.

SATURN Modul Series Fast 150

The Fast 150 series offers differential input channels with resolutions in a range from 14 to 18 bit and maximum sampling rates starting at 1MS/s up to 100MS/s per channel. There are also switchable modules available, which for instance provide 100MS/s per channel in 1-channel-mode and 25MS/s per channel in 4-channel-mode. The bandwidth is adapted automatically according to the settings.

The frontend amplifiers are always differential and are available with 6 input ranges. Data trigger and TTL trigger input can be configured for each module separately. Optionally available is a selectable input impedance (50 Ohm / 1 MOhm) and switchable AC / DC coupling. If needed the frontend amplifiers are also available with an enhanced signal to noise ratio and a bit enhancement through intelligent over sampling.