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SATURN FastScan - 1 Million Averages = Higher Accuracy

"Signal Averaging" is utilized in manifold applications in which the demand on resolution and accuracy cannot be reached due to random noise and a poor signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). If a repetitive signal is being acquired multiple times (several exactly triggered scans in a row) averaging of those scans can nearly eliminate single peaks and white noise while preserving the original signal shape, amplitude, phase, peaks etc. The SATURN FastScan Option makes use of this technology and implements it into the hardware logic of a SATURN Transient Recorder. This leads to a significantly enhanced resolution and improved dynamic range for use cases which require high acquisition rates.

Key Facts of the SATURN FastScan Option

  • Freely scalable sample rate up to 100 Megasamples/s per channel
  • 18 bit ENOB @ 100MS/s
  • 108dB resulting SNR
  • +/-100mV to 100V configurable input range
  • >80 MHz analog bandwidth (<3 dB)
  • Up to 1 million triggered scans in a row with constant measurement period
  • Minimum delay between single scans <2µs
  • Freely configurable triggers
  • 1 GB memory per channel for long recordings (1.28 sec/channel for 100MS/s)
  • Up to 28 differential or single-ended channels
  • 100% synchronous acquisition

Benefits of the SATURN FastScan Option

Freely scalable, from 1 (classic measurement without averaging) up to 1 million scans can be averaged on multiple channels synchronously with acquisition rates of up to 100 Megasamples/s per channel. The 1 GB per-channel-memory enables long acquisition times even at those high measurement rates (e.g. 1.28 sec for 100MS/s). As data processing is performed in parallel hardware logic (FPGAs), the averaging results are available as soon as the measurement is completed. Therefore the length of observable phenomena is independent from the number of averages which is a significant advantage compared to traditional averaging solutions.

Technical Background Information

The SATURN Transient Recorders contain a single highly accurate reference clock which is used to perform the jitter free and synchronous averaging measurements on multiple channels simultaneously. For triggering and synchronization the measurement system offers numerous ways, starting with slope and pulse triggers, either system-wide or channel-specific, up to TTL or fiber optic inputs for the synchronization with external components. Freely configurable sample rates (1MS/s...100MS/s), multiple input ranges (+/-100 mV...100 V) and selectable input type (differential / single-ended) make the SATURN FastScan System suitable for a great range of applications. The factory settings for the input ranges are freely adjustable which ensures a perfect resolution for different signal amplitudes. The total analog bandwidth of > 80MHz allows observation of high-frequency signals and very short repetitive events. If needed input impedance (50 Ohm / 1 MOhm) and coupling (AC / DC) can also be adjusted.

SATURN FastScan Transient Recorder in small FlatSaturn housing(One of the available housing options)